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Mira® is a reliable IT company with a team of professionals that offers a wide range of services and solutions in the field of information technology. Our mission is to turn customers' ideas into successful projects.

Collaboration with external partners allows us to make available to our customers a wide portfolio of products and services in a short time and at a reasonable price.


We have created
solutions for... 50 + brands
working together.

Experienced IT engineers and cutting-edge technologies.

Rodaris pro
This company offered us services at the highest quality, all the requirements were met within the established time, this helping us to implement our ideas and desires. Also a thing to appreciate was that the team members were receptive to all the ideas we proposed and sometimes offered us advice that helped us to reach a result above our expectations.
Eugen Verlan

Thanks to this company we have received a site that renders our requirements. The team manager who handled our website was always positive about any proposed changes, they were made as quickly as possible.
Victor Cărare

PROMO plus
Collaborating with this company I had great doubts about how operative the team works, so I gained confidence in this company from the first days of communication with the company. All the requirements for creating a site as captivating as possible have been incorporated.
Irina Gureeva


Domeniu .md – price reduced
to 450 MDL/year

In accordance with the provisions of Government Decision No. 425 of 30.08.2019, The Information Technology...

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    Ferma cu Origini

    Produse lactate oferite de văcuțe fericite.
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    Damicom-magazin internet cu instrumente și utilizare.
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    PROMO plus

    PROMO plus-revista companiilor de top!
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    Furmetex este o companie de curatenie de TOP din Republica Moldova, Chisinau. Oferim cele mai moderne servicii de curățenie la cel mai accesibil preț.
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    RICHLAND Restaurant

    RICHLAND este un restaurant exclusiv, situat în Grătiești, cu vedere panoramică.
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    UKKA este o companie de design interior.
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